The Gridcube Platform

We’ve built a platform
to easily deploy Blockchain applications.

Gridcube’s mission is to speed up the adoption of blockchain by creating an active community of developers, organizations, and businesses, which will co-create the innovative blockchain applications of the future.

Gridcube Blockchain Framework (GBF) aims to create the backbone that will power Gridcube’s revolution. It is composed of:

  • A deployment engine capable of deploying new blockchains using a distributed and multi-cloud paradigm.
  • An API that is automatically created with each deployment that allows access to the blockchain functionalities.
  • An SDK for a smooth development on top of the systems. This framework allows developers to spin up new chains in very little time, taking away the friction in managing the infrastructure.
Coding is Mining (CiM) Paradigm

Community Benefits

An active community of developers is needed to achieve this revolution. This community can only be created with a sense of purpose and a clear incentive for those participating in it.
Gridcube is innovating in this field by introducing the concept of
“Coding is Mining” (CiM).

CiM will use the same principle as Cryptocurrency Mining: Developers will be rewarded with tokens not for their computers’ effort in mining, but for their efforts in building the ecosystem. Tokens will be issued proportionally to the contributions: applications created, users using the app, tests performed on the apps, reviews of the platform/apps/service, and any other factors that can influence the adoption and help to spread the word. The bottom line is simple: the contributions will be rewarded with tokens that represent future value for the developer.


Best Features

There are many blockchain protocols available, and some others are coming soon.  We understand that selecting the right technology can be painful and we design some features to make your life easier to enter into the blockchain space.

Highly Scalable
Endless Possibilities

We can scale the blockchain network and computing resources to allow fast responses always. We can do it in multiple clouds if you want.

Lightning fast deployment
Up and running in minutes

We simplify the process to deploy blockchain networks by adding templates, examples and basic functionalities to help you with your project.

Fully Managed Service
We take care of the details for you

Our users and clients don’t need to manage any infrastructure or complexities related to the blockchain.


Ecosystem key features

Our team wants to increase the adoption of blockchain technology as a mean of social and economic progress. We develop a set of features to use blockchain as simple as possible:

Multi-cloud: Gridcube’s underlying technology deploys your private blockchain simultaneously to Amazon, Google Cloud, Azure, and other cloud providers to have maximum flexibility.

Highly Secure: Being a solution hosted in multiple-clouds and configurations, the access is highly secure, and blockchain assures the immutability of records.

Blockchain-agnostic. We work with battle-tested open-source blockchain technologies like Corda, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Bitcoin forks.

Multi-blockchain Smart Contracts: We enable business applications to interact with different deployed chains, making ecosystems talk to each other, all through the power of Multichain smart contracts.

DApp market

Introducing the DApp Marketplace

Blockchain-powered marketplace which connects buyer and sellers in one place, developers can earn rewards while they deploy their applications, which can be software as a service, platform as a service, games, etc.

  • The community will get rewards for their contributions.
  • A single sales channel to market and sell products.
  • Customers can discover, try and buy blockchain solutions built on the  Gridcube platform.
  • There will be automated payments based on smart contracts.

Gridcube Token Sale

With GPT you can:

  • Buy goods and services at
  • Gain access to “Coding is Mining” loyalty and reward initiative, 45% of the profit of the program will be distributed within GPT holders.

Smart Contract Address:  0x1e867d04FBb7434093071237813Df00b3Df6ee77

For Private Sale Contact us: [email protected]

3 October 2018

2 Weeks

10% BonusHard Cap$10M
17 October 2018

6 Weeks

Hard Cap
  • Token Symbol GPT
  • Token Sale Start 11 September 2018
  • Token Sale End 11 November 2018
  • Tokens for sale 10,000,000
  • Token Price 1 ETH for 180 GPT
  • Specifications Gridcube Platform token
  • Max circulating supply 30,000,000
  • Sale duration 60 days

Token Sale Processing Distribution

Our distribution is simple with no hidden items: Human Resources focused on Development, Marketing, Operations, and Legal.

Tokens Distribution

We divided our tokens on three equals parts: 1/3 for the investors, 1/3 for community rewards, and 1/3 for the company with four years vesting: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% each year.


Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand our project.

Privacy Policy

Road Map

We are working hard to make this dream come true. Our purpose is to create the easiest way to deploy and scale a private blockchain for any business application. Here is how we are going to do it.

2016 Q1
  • First conceptual idea of the framework
2016 Q2 - 2017
Backend PoC
  • Development of the underlying technology of Gridcube
2018 Q1
Initial Steps
  • Angel funding close
  • Core Team consolidation and board of advisors
2018 Q2
First Partners
  • Initial partnerships and business development
  • On-boarding of first organizations and partners to the community
2018 Q3
  • Launch of Gridcube’s developer community
  • Gridcube Token published and linked to Ethereum blockchain
2018 Q4
Token Sale & First Beta
  • Gridcube SDK Beta release to the public
  • GBF Marketplace launched to the public
2019 Q1
Expansion & Growth
  • Goal of 500 active developers and 100 organizations to be achieved
  • Hybrid smart contract SDK capabilities
  • First 30 business applications deployed
2019 Q2
Crowdfunding Integration
  • Smart contracts support creators
  • Ethereum tokens support
2019 Q3
Community Benefits
  • Establishing global user base
  • US start retailer selection
2019 Q4
Hardware things
  • Integration of third party controllers
  • Marketplace cooperative module
2020 Q1
More Operational
  • Integration of third party controllers
  • Marketplace cooperative module

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